I learned about the Savannah breed about 9 months prior to actually getting my first cat. I did a lot of research, and educated myself about the breed, as well as the responsibilities that came with owning the breed. I met an incredible Savannah breeder; Jan Rockwell, owner Snow Canyon Savannahs. The greatest blessing that have come from owning and breeding Savannahs are the lifelong friendships I have made. She is phenomenal breeder, my mentor, and we are now sister catteries.

I quickly learned Savannahs are unlike any other breed. The uniqueness and exotic qualities of the breed was very exciting to me, but I wanted to be sure a savannah cat was a nice fit for our family and our lifestyle. Savannahs are amazing cats, but they are not for everyone. Owning a Savannahs comes with both a responsibility and a liability. Great thought, education, and preparation should be taken when welcoming a new Savannah into your home. I am grateful we did all of the above.

I decided a lower generation would be the best introduction to the breed. I found my first Savannah girl, Nala, just over 8 years ago, and have never looked back! I immediately fell in love with the breed. Since then, we have grown our family of Savannah cats to include both males and  females, ranging from F1A-F5SBT generations.

I love their independence, intelligence, and regal demeanor. I enjoy their playful attitudes, curious personalities, and mischevious ways. I very quickly learned that I needed to be smarter than my Savannah. I also learned that “Savannah Proofing” my home was really something I needed to do.

Savannahs love to get into everything! They love to climb, jump, open cupboards, play with toys, and especially love straws, boxes and toilet paper!  They love to be involved in everything we do, and always let you know they are around. They are very talkative cats. I compare owning a Savannah to eating potato chips, you can’t stop at just one! I am continually learning and growing. They are a huge responsibility, but I feel lucky and grateful to be a part of this incredible breed. My goal is to share our Savannahs and educate people about this remarkable breed. As a breeder, I want to preserve the integrity and unique qualities of the Red Rock Savannah cat. It is very clear to me why this is the most highly sought after breed of cats in the world. I am truly blessed.


All of our queens are considered part of our family.  They encompass the mischievous, independent, and  curious personality savannah cats are known for. Each one is unique in their own amazing and incredible way. Our Red Rock Savannah queens are all attentive, and caring mothers.  Lovingly protective, they keep a watchful eye their growing  broods.



If you were to look up “stud” in the dictionary, you’ll find a  Savannah Male! We took our time to find great males for our breeding program. The time spent was well worth it. Our Red Rock Savannah studs exemplify the beauty, masculinity, strength, and power of a savannah male. We wanted savannah studs that could breed everything from an F5 to a large F1. Our males are intuitive and patient with our queens. Our savannah studs display a very tender and paternal instincts when they are around their kittens.  We love our males and enjoy their fun loving personalities! Surprisingly, they love to be held. They are all very social and enjoy attention from both humans and our Red Rock Savannah Queens alike!



Oh, if we could only keep them all! We love every one of our feline babies. Each kitten has their own disctinct look and vivacious personality, making them absolutely irresistible! Of course, they are Red Rock Savannah kittens, so you can be sure they get into everything, and we mean everything!  It is a good thing they are all so cute. No fear for these little couragous felines. Unaware of their size, they have big attitudes! They love adventure, playtime, naptime, mealtime, and of course, mom time!! Is there anything more enjoyable than to watch a Savannah kitten???






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