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Oh if we could only keep them all! We love every one of our babies!! Each kitten and each litter has their own distinct look and personality which make them absolutely irresistible!  No fear for these  courageous feline. Unaware of their size, they have big attitudes! They love adventure, playtime, naptime, mealtime, and of course, mom time!! Is there anything more enjoyable than to watch a Savannah kitten? Savannah kittens are powerful, energetic and independent, even at an early age. Kitten-proofing is an absolute necessity before bringing a Red Rock Savannah kitten home. It is important to clarify boundaries and establish routine with Savannahs while introducing them into your home. They can be strong-willed, even at a very young age. In appearance, Savannah kittens look very much like adults. Males get quite a bit larger than females, and male kittens usually have very large paws. These are very expensive and rare kittens, Savannah cats are priced according to the percentage of serval. Prices range from $2000- $20000 +. Remember, if the price is too good to be true, it probably is. This is true with Savannah pricing. You get what you pay for.

Prior to purchasing a Red Rock Savannah kitten, its imperative to confirm that ownership of a Savannah is legal in your state/province, county and city before finalizalizing a purchase.

For additional information visit http://www.hybridlaw.com

OUR RED ROCK SAVANNAH KITTENS- Red Rock Savannahs specializes in high % F2B- F3C and SBT kittens.

Available Savannah Kittens-

F2B Kittens- No Kittens available 

FEMALES: PETS $7500+     BREEDERS $8500+        MALES: $7500+              High % F2 male or female $8000+

Price includes: TICA papers, neuter or spay, microchip, full fecal panel PCR, vaccinations, snap test, health guarantee, PRA CRX, PRE CEP290, PK DEF NN test results, pedigrees, contract.

F3C Kittens- No kittens Available

Please contact to be added to interest list 

F4SBT Kittens- no litters coming

F5SBT Kittens- no litters coming 

F6 SBT Kittens – Kittens available!! 

FEMALES:   PETS $2500+    BREEDERS $4000+    F1 PROGRAMS $5000+              MALES:    PETS $2500+    BREEDERS $5000+

Price includes: TICA papers, neuter or spay, microchip, full panel PCR, 
vaccinations, snap test, health guarantee, PRA CRX, PRE CEP290, PKDEF NN test results, pedigrees, contract. 

Parent: F6sbt Lilly and F5sbt Tag      Born: March 15, 2019   Litter size: 4 males 1 female

This is the final breeding of this incredible line. I have absolutely loved this pairing. I have never put Fari with any stud but Tag because I produce such spectacular kittens every time. They are the total package! Great serval traits, fun personalities, social, loving and friendly. They tend to be larger cats. Every male I have placed in programs have proven. These kittens are always very social, loving and playful. They are very interactive with people. These kittens would be great in any family setting. I personally have chosen cats from this pedigree as my pets and have bought cats from other breeders with these lines to keep them in my program. I could not ask for better pets or breeders. These cats are very very special and in high demand. They make excellent


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