Our Savannahs


Owning a Savannah cat is not for the faint at heart. If you want a passive cat that sleeps all day, this breed is NOT for you. You have to be smarter and quicker than a Savannah. On most days that can be a challenge, even for the best of us!

Our Savannah cats are no different. They enjoy being involved in all the action, and creating the action! They are the stars of our home. They are enjoyable and entertaining to play with and watch! Savannah cats are very interactive, and highly curious. Savannahs love to explore, hunt, stalk, and use our house as an oversized playground. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Savannahs LOVE water! They love drinking out of cups of water, and playing in cups of water!! If you are taking a shower, look up, and see a fury feline stalking you from the top of the shower, don’t worry, they have great balancing abilities and love to walk on the shower frame! If you are by or near water, you can rest assured you savannah child will not be far behind!

Our Savannah kids never miss their special treats! Meal time or treat time is always entertaining. Our Savannahs love to talk, especially when they know a special treat is close. It is a feline chorus of meows and chirps!!! No matter how quiet or sneaky you try to be, your best stealth moves are futile against your Savannah and their food!

We love our Savannahs! Aside from all the mischief and trouble they seems to always get into, I could not imagine our lives without these incredible cats. We thoroughly enjoy their loving quiet moments, their tender meows, playful chirps, and overall great conversations. Yes, you can talk to Savannahs, and they talk right back!!. We love their rambunctious, quirkie personalities. Each of our Savannahs are special and unique. Each one is loved and respected for their individuality, dominance, and their regal, redrock lineage.

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