Welcoming your savannah

Preparing for your Kitten:

1) When bringing a new Savannah kitten home, don’t rush it out of the crate. Give the Savannah kitten time to venture out on its own. I suggest keeping the savannah kitten in a room by itself for a period of time. This is the perfect time to sit in the room with your new baby… play, pet, talk to and bond with him/her.
2) Don’t give the Savannah kitten full run of the house at first. They are young and don’t know your home and will get lost. This causes stress and can make the savannah kitten sick.
3) Savannah kittens don’t always remember to eat. Make sure you show them the food dish often.
4) Remember to show them the litter box, especially after waking up from a nap or overnight.
5) Savannah Kittens have sharp nails and can scratch you and your children. Keep the nails trimmed. Allow them a scratching post/cardboard scratchers at all times.
6) Keep the kitten on the same food it was on prior to coming to live with you. If you are going to change food, make the change very gradual. I will help walk you through this should you decide to change diet.
7) Have plenty of toys available. Keep the blanket I have sent home with you near the kittens play area as well as sleeping area. It has been imprinted on by its momma, littermates and me.
8) When playing with your new Savannah kitten don’t run it to the point of panting or exhaustion. Also…. Please don’t run them in circles to the point of dizziness.

Caution!!! resist the temptation on purchasing the biggest, tallest CAT TREE while your kitten is still a baby, along with making your kitten jump excessively. Allow them to fully mature and their bones to grow and get strong.



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