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Savannah generations can be very complicated. Understanding percentages of generations can be even more confusing. Savannahs are the most expensive cat breed in the world.  It is an extremely difficulty cat to produce due to the significant difference in gestation periods between the serval and a domestic cat (75 days for a serval and 65 days for a domestic cat)and sex chromosomes. Many breeders have tried and failed producing F1 generation Savannahs. Many pregnancies are often absorbed, aborted, or kittens are born prematurely. It is very difficult for a female to carry an F1 offspring.

Servals can be very picky in choosing mates, and often will not mate with a domestic cat or savannah female. Many breeders raise the Serval in their homes, around their females to increase the chances of successful future breedings. Serval Female’s choose their mates in the wild. F1 Female’s also do this and wont let many savannah males breed them. It takes a special male to breed an F1 female. Later generation Savannah males are also very expensive as Studs. Male Savannah’s are sterile from the F1 to F4 generations.

There have been a handful of fertile F4 males in the world, but not many. Most, but not all F5 and later generation males are fertile. This also lead to the cost of the savannah cat being so expensive. Savannah Male’s are sterile until the 5th generation with any reliability. F5 Males are much smaller than the F1 and F2 Female’s which can cause mating difficulties.

F2 Savannah’s are expensive for two reasons. First, breeders experience an extremely high cost for the F1 Savannah Female with breeding rights. Second, again the difficulty of producing the F2 kitten. In Nature made male cats bigger than the female’s for a reason. Higer generation Female’s also have silent heat cycles and are often times missed opportunities on behalf of the breeder. The higher generation females will ofter carry the pheremones related to the Serval, often times the male will not recognize the scent.Finding the right breeding combination can be extremely expensive and difficult for the breeder… taking years to get it right.

HYBRID LAWS: Know the facts before getting your heart set on one of these amazing creatures. They are not legal in every city and state. THIS is one of the first questions I WILL ask you, “What city and state do you currently live in”? Here is a link that breaks the laws down state by state. I will not sell where they are banned, and will only sell the generation that is legal where they are regulated.

Prior to purchasing a savannah kitten, its imperative to confirm that ownership of a Savannah cat is legal in your state/province, county and city before finalizalizing a purchase.


For additional information about your state visit

Here is a basic breakdown of generations and serval percentages:

F1 – Serval Father and female breeding up to 75% in some cases 87.5% serval Always an “A”

F2- Domestic or cross male and F1 generation female, 25% to 37.5% serval can be an “A” or “B”

F3- F2 generation female and domestic or cross male 12.5% Serval can be an “A” “B” or “C”

F4 Domestic or cross male and F3 female- first generation considered “SBT” stud book traditional or “purebred”

F5 Savannah or male and F4 female

F6 Savannah or Male and F5 female

* Savannah males a typically sterile until the F5 generation. Their value greatly increases due to this being the first generation of Savannah males that can reproduce.*

“SVxSV” is a Savannah to Savannah breeding (SV is the TICA code for the Savannah breed)

SBT- TICA standard as a purebred and “stud book traditional”

A means one parent is a Savannah and the other is an outcross.

B is used for both parents are Savannahs with one of them being an A.

C designation is when both parents are Savannahs and one of them is a B

A x (any SV) = B

B x (B,C,SBT) = C

C x (C, SBT) = SBT TICA considers SBT purebreed


KITTEN PRICING- Includes the following:

PK Def test  N/N (paperwork both parents)           

           PRA test N/N  (paperwork both parents)           
           2+ Vaccinations           
           2+ deworming
           Spay/ Neuter
           Snap Test         
           Health Guarantee  (see contract for details)         
          TICA Papers

F2B FEMALE- beginning pricing
Pet price $8000+
Breeder $9500+

F2B MALE- beginning pricing
Pet only $8000+

F3C FEMALE-beginning pricing
Pet Price $5500+
Breeder $7000+

F3C MALE- beginning pricing
Pet only $5500+

F4SBT FEMALE- beginning pricing
Pet price $4500+
Breeder $5500+

F4SBT MALE- beginning pricing
Pet only $4500+

F5 SBT FEMALE- beginning pricing
Pet price $2500+
Breeder $4500+. F1 programs $6000- no fertility guarantee

F5 SBT MALE- beginning pricing
Pet price $2500+
Breeder $6000+

F6 SBT FEMALE- beginning pricing
Pet price $2500+
Breeder $ 4500+.  F1 programs $6000 no fertility guarantee

F6 SBT MALE- beginning pricing
Pet price $2500+
Breeder $6000+

*Pricing is subject to change at any time based on color, confirmation, quality, or our discretion


Athena and Gladiator litter F5sbt

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