Here is a basic breakdown of generations and serval percentages:

F1 – Serval Father and female breeding up to 75% in some cases 87.5% serval Always an “A”

F2- Domestic or cross male and F1 generation female, 25% to 37.5% serval can be an “A” or “B”

F3- F2 generation female and domestic or cross male 12.5% Serval can be an “A” “B” or “C”

F4 Domestic or cross male and F3 female- first generation considered “SBT” stud book traditional or “purebred”

F5 Savannah or male and F4 female

F6 Savannah or Male and F5 female

Savannah males a typically sterile until the F5 generation. Their value greatly increases due to this being the first generation of Savannah males that can reproduce.*

“SVxSV” is a Savannah to Savannah breeding (SV is the TICA code for the Savannah breed)

SBT- TICA standard as a purebred and “stud book traditional”

A means one parent is a Savannah and the other is an outcross.

B is used for both parents are Savannahs with one of them being an A.

C designation is when both parents are Savannahs and one of them is a B

A x (any SV) = B

B x (B,C,SBT) = C

C x (C, SBT) = SBT TICA considers SBT purebreed


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