Our Queens

Our Queens

All of our queens live in a home enviornment and are considered part of our family. Our queens have wonderful dispositions. They encompass the mischievous, independent, and curious personality savannah cats are known for. Each one is unique in their own amazing and incredible way. Our Red Rock Savannah queens are all patient, attentive, and caring mothers. Lovingly protective, they keep a watchful eye their growing broods.

It has taken us over 7 years to develop our breeding program. We have 8 beautiful queens. We have three F1 queens: Lola (high %) Juliet (high %) and Willow Three F2B queens: Scartlett, Starlett darling (Star) and Shalayleigh (Lolly) One F4SBT queen: Athena and One F5SBT queen: Fari ( Athena and Gladiator daughter). We have been meticulous in the selection of the finest queens, from the most reputable breeders in the industry. We have been blessed that each of our girls are as healthy as can be. We have spared no expense to insure each of our queens are as healthy as possible. We have love each and every one of our Red Rock Savannah queens!


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