Our Studs

Our Studs

If you were to look up “stud” in the dictionary, you will find our Red Rock Savannahs boys! We took our time to find great males for our breeding program. The time spent was well worth it. Our Red Rock Savannah studs exemplify the beauty, masculinity, strength, and power of a savannah male. We wanted savannah studs that could breed our large F1 females down to our F5 queens. Our males are intuitive and patient with our queens. Our savannah studs display a very tender and paternal instincts when they are around their kittens. They are very patient and intuitive with our queens. We love our males and enjoy their fun loving personalities! Surprisingly, they love to be held. They are all very social and enjoy attention from both humans and our Red Rock Savannah Queens alike!

We are so proud of the three handsome Red Rock Savannah studs. We have four F5sbt males: Gladiator, Wraith, Tag and Thomas . We love your boys, and could not be happier with our Red Rock Savannah breeding program.


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